Nature and Nature's laws lay hid
in night
God said: "Let Newton be!" and
all was light.

It did not last: the Devil howling "ho!
Let Einstein be!" restored the status quo.

Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity

The Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity was created in 2003 to gather all researchers and students working in this multi-discipline area of knowledge. It will serve as a meeting and reference point to the mathematical, theoretical, classical, quantum, numerical, observational and experimental aspects of Gravitation and Relativity and their applications. The Society is widely open to all individuals and institutions interested in contributing to the development of this discipline in Spain. The main aims of the SEGRE are to promote the research on Gravitation and Relativity and to widely spread the knowledge on these disciplines by the appropriate means, particularly by:

  • Providing an independent discussion forum to debate topics of common interest.
  • Joining efforts to publicly defend its statutory aims.
  • Encouraging relationship with other institutions and societies sharing similar objectives.
  • Taking the necessary actions to divulge research activities on Gravitation and Relativity in their widest sense, including the organization of scientific meetings, conferences and publications.
  • Supporting the teaching and training of researchers in the areas of Gravitation and Relativity in their widest sense.
The achievement of these objectives will be based on an equal opportunity basis.


Last meeting:

EREP2019 : 6th July 2019 in Valencia, Spain; attached to the GR22-Amaldi13 .

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